Cleaning, Sterilization & Pest Control

Our reliable team uses the latest cleaning tech to make your establishment shine in no time.

Auto Khaled’s cleaning Lebanon services takes care of all cleaning related services.
Our services include:

  • New apartment cleaning.
  • Furnished apartment cleaning.
  • Pest Control
  • Carpet cleaning and sanitizing and spot removal.
  • Upholstery cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Window curtain cleaning and spot removal.

Auto Khaled offers professional fumigation and disinfection services to keep your environment safe, clean, and germ-free. Our ISO certified product combines short fumigation time with long lasting sanitizing effect and destroys all kinds of germs and viruses without leaving residues. It is extremely safe and suitable for all commercial and residential spaces.

Office cleaners
We provide post or pre moving cleaning services for your homes, offices and all of your facilities.
Window cleaners
No building is too high. Our top of the line window cleaning tech can reach up to the 150 meter.
Sterilization & Pest control
Pre-moving pest control will keep your facility rodents and insects free from all un-welcomed guests.



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About Us

Auto Khaled, a family owned business since 1961, now runs the biggest fleet of moving trucks, cranes and lifts in Lebanon. We're here to help you move, lift, ship, store and clean anything and anywhere across Lebanon.

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