Our Solutions

Will help you save money and handle local moving.

Local Area Moving

Let us help you pack and unpack your home & office furniture to ensure you a smooth transition.

Trucks & Cranes Rental

Over 250 multi-purpose vehicles are available for daily, weekly and monthly rental.

Warehouse & Storage

Suited to meet the needs of every type of industry including food grade and general merchandise goods.

International Shipping

We provide long distance & international moving services to households and businesses moving abroad.

Corporate Cleaners

Our reliable team uses the latest cleaning tech to make your establishment shine in no time.

Sterilization & Pest Control

An ultra-safe, low in toxicity, odourless and environmental friendly treatment pre-moving can prevent unwanted visitors.

Time Sensitive Cargo

This area of logistics caters to consumable, pharmaceutical and healthcare products among others.

Art Handling

Professional art movers to prevent damage to your art pieces and sensitive material.

Retail Services

We cover everything from Supply Chain Strategy and Network Planning to Origin and In-Store Logistics

Why Choose Us

This approach has made us the preferred moving company for the masses.
Safe & Secure Delivery
All your belongings are insured from the moment we pick them up until they're safely installed at your destination.
Cost Savings
Our solutions include top of the line equipment with no additional or unnecessary cost on your pocket.
Transport Optimization
All your move is pre-coordinated to make sure all your belongings are handled carefully and packaged correctly to arrive safely and swiftly to your destination.
Proven experience
We're the #1 choice for moving solutions across Lebanon since 1961



Supply Chain Management

Guarded 24/7. All your belongings are safe with us.

Warehouse & Storage Solutions

We take great care of your belongings and store them in specialized rooms. Our storage facilities are guarded 24/7 and are engineered to be constantly ventilated and humid-free. We offer 10ft, 20ft and 40ft container storage with easy access storage containers that you could benefit from at any time and make your life much easier.

Distribution Solutions

Our extensive experience in logistics, we provide significant expertise in distribution via all transportation modes, such as air, sea and land freight, domestically and globally.

Need a Lift?

Pricing is tailored to each job and time span basis

Telescopic Crane

10 ton maximum capacity
and 26m maximum height

Bucket Boom Lift

Up to 24m reach
or 8th Floor

Furniture Crane

Up to 56m reach
or 15th Floor

Platform Lift

Up to 18m reach
or 6th Floor


We offer worldwide cargo shipping and distribution services.

Road Freight

Domestic or international road logistics solution for your full truck load, part load or temperature-controlled products, we can deliver your cargo across.

Custom Clearance

Preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country and delivery of cargo after clearance.

Sea Freight

Enjoy the low costs of a sea freight solution. Through our worldwide network with all major shipping lines, we can deliver your cargo to any port in the world.

Air Freight

Urgent documents, perishable food products or industrial cargo. We provide the very air freight service suited for you and your shipment.

Cleaning Services

We offer multiple cleaning solutions for corporate and personal purposes.

Building cleaners

Our top of the line window cleaning tech are equipped to clean the whole building in no time.

Office cleaners

We provide post and pre-moving cleaning services for your homes, offices and all of your facilities.

Pest control

Pre-moving pest control will keep your facility rodents and insects free.

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About Us

Auto Khaled, a family owned business since 1961, now runs the biggest fleet of moving trucks, cranes and lifts in Lebanon. We're here to help you move, lift, ship, store and clean anything and anywhere across Lebanon.

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